The Kennel Is Open

come in we're open

Welcome To Low Dogs, the new home of the Big Dawg.

We’ve spent years learning our culinary crafts and finally we’re ready to unleash our taste-bud tingling creations on the world.

This is our brand new kennel on the web, our eKennel, our digital home.

We’ve started here on the web to bring our creations to you wherever you are, the computer at home, on the go on mobile, or even when kicking back with the iPad. We’re literally teaching this old dog new tricks, and we want you to benefit from our innovative recipe book too.

It may be a new start, but the food in our kitchen is still just the same, just as the music still plays the same, and that music will always find its way home. For now though, here’s the new, and we hope you’ll be returning to see us again soon.